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June and July

Wednesday, July 16th, 2014

I had intended to post here in June, but the month got away from me. I had my nose firmly to the grindstone, revising the next book which was due July 1. I got another little extension to July 7 and finally sent it off Sunday night, July 6. And–hooray!–my wonderful new editor has already read it and likes it. Big sigh of relief. Though of course there are always things to be tweaked.

I’m going to put that story aside for a while, though, and turn my attention to writing the novella which will actually come out before the book. If that seems a bit backward, well, my writing life doesn’t always move in a straight line. Once I’ve got the novella done, I’ll probably have some other changes that will need to be made to the book.

We are now tentatively calling the series “Loves Bridge” after the imaginary village in which the stories are set. Look for the novella and the first book to come out in 2015. I will, of course, post more as the release dates become clear, and I have fun things to share like titles and covers. [UPDATE: So, I’m still waffling on the series title. Now I’m leaning toward “Spinster House.” Don’t worry–we’ll decide at some point!]

Besides beginning to mull over the novella, I’m busy getting ready to head off to San Antonio and the annual Romance Writers of America (RWA) conference. I’ve never been to San Antonio, so I’m excited to see the city, even though the temperature looks to be even steamier than what I’m used to in D.C. But I’m most excited to meet with my agent and editor, see friends and meet new writers, and, on Wednesday, meet readers! If you’re in San Antonio, please consider stopping by the book signing on Wednesday, July 23, from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. If you click on the link over there in “Appearances,” you can get all the information you need as well as see the fabulous list of authors attending. All proceeds go to support literacy, so you’d be supporting a great cause. And if you’re on Facebook and want to follow my adventures, be sure to “like” my page here. I’m planning on posting photos like I did from RT.

Finally, RWA has launched Novel Engagement, a new app to help readers find romance authors and books they might enjoy. I’m there along with many great authors. You can find out more about the app and download it to your iPhone or Android phone here.