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Around the Web–Loving Lord Ash

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

A few days ago, I was emailing with the fabulous Mary Jo Putney, and we got to talking about animals in books, specifically the dog in Loving Lord Ash. Yes, Ash doesn’t come out until March, but Mary Jo got a sneak peek. And you can meet Fluff, too, if you go read the first chapter here. In the beginning of the book Fluff’s name is Kit. You’ll probably figure out why he gets a new name after you read the chapter!

When I wrote Kit/Fluff, I was picturing the modern version of a Newfoundland. Mary Jo wondered if the breed existed in the Regency, and I was able to say yes! Lord Byron wrote an ode to his favorite newfie. Bryon’s dog might not have been as big and fluffy as Fluff, though, so I’m saying Fluff is a mutt to appease my need for historical accuracy. (We historical writers have to check these things out, if we can.)

Mary Jo blogged about our conversation on the Word Wenches blog which you can find here.