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Off to the Romance Writers of America conference

Monday, July 24th, 2017

It’s that time of year again. Every July I pack my bags and head off to join a couple thousand writers, editors, and other professionals to talk about the world of writing and publishing romance novels. This year, like last year, I’m going to have to hide in my room a lot, working on the next book, but I’ll venture out occasionally to catch up with old pals and make new friends. If you’re at the conference and see me, please say hi.

If you’re a reader within striking distance of Orlando, you might want to come by on Saturday, July 29. There’s an enormous book signing that’s open to the public. Click here for all the details. You’ll also find a link to download the seating chart.

I hope I’ll see many of you there. And I will try to be good about posting pictures on social media so you can follow along. I can do Instagram on the fly with my phone, so you might want to look there first. Here’s my Instagram account.

Back to packing!